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What is Supplier4buyer?

Supplier4buyer’s’s platform has redefined the concept of B2B networking by changing the way buyers select suppliers. Our database consists of supplier data from 2million+ companies and 400+ Industry categories. Our platform is designed to help companies generate leads & shortlist suppliers. We are headquartered in Noida and have offices in (Cities Names). For more information about Supplier4Buyer, please contact us.


What Is Supplier4buyer's Stand on Data Ownership?

Supplier4buyer has 50+ market research professionals In-house team, which enables market intelligence & data accuracy. We take data privacy and protection seriously. You can find more details by clicking on the following links: Privacy Notice, and general User Agreement.


Is Supplier4buyer Involved with the Transaction Process, Is There a Fee?

No, Supplier4buyer is a free platform but Supplier4buyer is fully responsible to conduct their own due diligence before transacting with any user. Supplier4buyer only acts as a platform through which like-minded businesses can connect by spending a bare minimum annual subscription cost. If you note spam or fraudulent claims apart from subscription packages, please get in touch with us. To know more about Subscription packages, Please click on following link.

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