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Procurement Consulting Organization

Procurement professionals often, therefore, come from varied backgrounds. As a Procurement Manager, you will lead the team that is responsible for procuring all the services and goods a business needs to operate.

Company Overview

Cloudway has talented professionals with extensive experience in several multinationals . The testimonial to their technical proficiency is the patents they hold in technology and enterprise application development. With their ability to understand and convert business requirements to smart solutions which lowers TCO, they make a strategic difference to your business. Team Cloudway focuses on excellence in consulting services with an eye to leverage new technologies in a proven, cost-effective fashion, specializing in the domain of Enterprise Application Services mainly in SAP and Integrated Business Solutions segments. The in-depth knowledge of its highly skilled workforce in this field facilitates Cloudway to attain highest degree of adaptability to specific client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative solutions in its domain of expertise.


Precurement Automation
Precurement Automation
Precurement Automation
Precurement Automation
Up to 10 Cr.

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Ashok Nagar

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